Ecstasy or Molly

MDMA is a synthetic drug that alters the awareness of objects and a persons perception of conditions. It is similar to a stimulant and an hallucinogen.

There are many types of addictive substances, some of which have devastating health risks. Help can be just a call away. If you or someone you know is in immediate need consider reaching out

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MDMA aka “Moly” is Ecstasy which is a popular party drug that is shockingly easy to get. The high experienced when taking ecstasy includes such characteristics as euphoria, the urge for physical closeness, and enhanced senses. While ecstasy isn’t as addictive as other drugs, such as heroin, it does not mean it is any less dangerous.
Ecstasy is not a drug that every user will eventually become addicted to. However, it can certainly take its toll on one’s mental and physical health.

Physical risks

Ecstasy can be quite harmful in terms of physical health risk. For every dose you take, you run the risk of doing great harm to your body in the form of overheating and organ failure, primarily heart and kidney. It is even possible to overdose and that overdose can be lethal.

Impurity of Ecstasy

Ecstasy pills are often made with various substances which creates a real risk that they are cut with something harmful. This leads to potentially lethal problems and a serious risk of death or other medical issues.

Other Substances


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