Barbiturates Treatment

A depressant which affects the central nervous system in a number of ways. The majority fall under the prescription category.

There are many types of addictive substances, some of which have devastating health risks. Help can be just a call away. If you or someone you know is in immediate need consider reaching out


What are barbiturates? 


They are substances that come from barbituric acid. They are a depressant which affects the central nervous system in a number of ways.


These effects vary from user to user and depending on the dose, can cause light sedation to complete anesthesia. This type of drug is often prescribed for people with sleep disorders and to combat pain. Some forms of barbituric acid can be found in common medications such as aspirin.

Overdose Treatment

Barbiturate overdose treatment is difficult, especially if the patient is fading from consciousness. It is easier to monitor the patient if they are lucid; however, given the way barbiturates behave, it’s possible they could be unconscious or falling into a coma. If the patient is not conscious, it’s common to put intubation in place to help the patient breathe. Other treatments include:

  • Activated charcoal to prevent the stomach from absorbing the drug.
  • Administration of saline, glucose, thiamine and benzodiazepine agonists to help the body come out of the drug’s adverse effects.
  • Admit the patient into the high dependency unit for observation and medical monitoring in case more symptoms manifest or the current symptoms get worse.


It’s possible for the patient to survive an overdose, but the symptoms could present complications that could linger for a longer period of time.


Barbiturate Rehabilitation

Treatment is available for people suffering from Barbiturate addition.

Other Substances


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